As a company we decided that we needed to do more to help other people and therefore we decided that we would put together some information that would be useful for everyone. We therefore decided to focus in o finance because everyone has to use money and many of us have had no training in it at all so really do not know what we are doing. Luckily, team members here have studied finance and therefore have plenty of knowledge about it that can be passed on. We have therefore decided between us on topics that we feel will be really useful to lots of people to read about so that they will be able to learn things that will hopefully help them. We try to keep everything simple and well explained with information that will help them to be able to improve their situation. A lot of the articles we have explain how different products work and what you should be thinking when you are trying to decide whether to take them out in the hope that people will be able to make better financial decisions. We know it is hard to always know what you should be thinking about when making these decisions but hopefully we have been able to provide enough information to allow everyone to do a great job at thinking about what they need to do.