No Credit Check Loans

Which are the Best no Credit Check Loans?

There are lots of different lenders that offer no credit check loans and it can be a good idea to compare them before taking one out. This is a wise idea because they all differ a little and it is wise to make sure that you pick the one that will suit your needs the best. There will not be on one lender that is just better than all of the rest because we all have different needs and so we will have to carefully look to make sure that the lender that we choose will suit us. There are different things that we need to look out for and it is a good idea to think about which of these will be the most important to you so that you are able to prioritise your requirements and then match those to the loan that works the best for you.

Interest Rate

Often we will compare the interest rates of different loans and that will help us to choose between them. It is often the rate that is advertised or used to compare them on a comparison website. However, if we do choose to compare rates we need to be aware of the fact that the interest rate may not be like for like. This is because some interest rates might be the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and some might be the Annual Equivalent Rate (AER). They are very different as the APR just includes the interest but the AER includes any fees that you have to pay as well. This means that the AER will be the same or higher than that APR (depending on if there are no fees or some fees) and if you compare them you may choose what you think is the cheapest when it actually is not cheaper.


It can therefore be more sensible to compare the full cost of the loan rather than the interest rate. This will also allow for any other differences as well, such as when the loan needs to be repaid. The longer you hold the loan for, the more expensive it will be and therefore you will need to make sure that you work out exactly how much it will cost you in monetary terms so that you can do a proper comparison. You can ask the lender how much this will be or you will be able to calculate it sometimes on their website.


It is a good idea to also find out about the repayments. You want to be sure that you will be able to afford them so it is important to find out how much they will be and when you will need to pay them. Then you will be able to check that you will have the money available. Try not to make a guess at this, but actually work it out so that you can be completely sure that you know that you will have the money available. If you do not think that you will, then you should be able to come up with a plan on how to reduce spending or increase earnings so that you do have the money.

Speed to Arrange

Some lenders will be able to arrange the loans really quickly, perhaps even within a few hours. So, if you need the money fast, then you may need to identify these lenders and use them. You may also find that some will be available to lend money weekends and evenings and if you need money outside of banking hours then you will need to use these.