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Our Green Policy

Ornitholidays is one of a growing number of tour operators keen to promote a 'greener' and 'more responsible' brand of tourism. We recognise that most forms of modern travel inevitably involve the consumption of non-renewable resources. There is no realistic way round that and its associated environmental costs.

However, we are convinced that at our destinations, there are vital responsibilities that we should and do accept:

  • Protect the environment, particularly its landscape, flora and fauna, and minimise environmental damage by touring in small groups.
  • Respect local cultures, namely their traditions, religions and heritage.
  • Benefit local communities by using locally-owned and run accommodation, by consuming local products and by using, wherever possible, local guides. To ensure that local people receive a fair share of the benefits of our tours.
  • Conserve natural resources by eliminating waste and, where possible, consuming renewable rather than nonrenewable ones.
  • Minimise environmental pollution caused by waste disposal, noise and litter.
  • Educate clients by keeping them well-informed about wildlife conservation issues, endangered species and threatened habitats.