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One Stop & At Leisure

Our brochure this year contains a number of tours with the ONE STOP logo or else the term At Leisure, or indeed both. In order to clarify what these terms mean a few lines are included here.

ONE STOP is self-explanatory in that it means the holiday has one base for the duration. That is we arrive at one hotel and stay there for the entire tour. We have found that our clients have been increasingly demanding this style of holiday, so for this year we have included a number of European tours that fit this criterion.

At Leisure is slightly more subjective but has been applied to tours where the pace is relaxed and the leaders will ensure that the group does not spend all their time in the field. Therefore, you should return in ample time for a wash and brush up before the evening meal and there should be time for a sundowner. Also, the leaders will endeavour to give some relaxation time during the heat of the afternoon. These tours will not be dawn to dusk affairs. However, as every tour is different the make up of each group will be taken into consideration.