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St Lucia at Leisure

Pitons & Parrots

14 March to 22 March 2018

Leaders: Simon Boyes and local guides

Maximum of 12 clients.

2018 Cost £4,399 single room supplement £990 (NEW COSTS & DATES - DIFFERENT FROM BROCHURE)

Ornitholidays has been visiting the Caribbean for over 35 years now and we have run a very successful suite of tours to Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Jamaica and Grand Cayman. This tour to the small island of St Lucia has a very relaxed feel to it, which will suit those people who want to birdwatch but also to relax – or else couples where one is a birder and the other just wants a warm, sunny, beachside break. Our holiday is based at the lovely hotel of Anse Chastenet, with easy access to the sea and shady places to spend the hot part of the day.

St Lucia is one of the Windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean. It is of volcanic origin and still has some areas that are active: the Pitons, the most notable landmark on the island, are two volcanic plugs. Some fine rainforest still exists on the mountain chain that runs from north to south and this is the home to much of the bird life. The island has a mixed history of settlement and conquerors. The Arawak Indians were overrun by the Caribs, who were later deposed by the British and then the French and then alternating rule by these European powers finally ended with the island’s independence in 1979.

The island of St Lucia can boast an impressive list of birds, which includes six endemic species – these are the St Lucia Parrot, St Lucia Oriole, St Lucia Warbler, St Lucia Pewee, St Lucia House Wren and St Lucia Black Finch. It also has 14 Lesser Antillean endemics – so this is a tour that will complement the species lists of those clients who have already visited Trinidad and Tobago or Cuba.

The holiday will be run “At Leisure” with the birding taking place in the mornings, with lunches taken back at the hotel, and then the afternoons free to relax and swim. This holiday will also be an “all-inclusive” while at Anse Chastanet, so all drinks are included. Travel with  Simon  and see why St Lucia is a great addition to our set of Caribbean tours. It is possible to add on extra days to this holiday - please ask for details.

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Outline Itinerary
Day 1 Fly to St Lucia
Days 2-7 St Lucia
Day 8 Depart St Lucia
Day 9 Arrive London