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Brazil - REGUA

Atlantic Forest Special

25 July to 3 August 2017

Leaders: David Walsh and local guides

Maximum of nine clients.

2017 Cost £3,299 single room supplement £80

Brazil is one of the world’s most exciting birding destinations. The Atlantic Forests in the south-east of the country have been seriously depleted over the last two centuries nevertheless, the majority of Brazil’s endemic birds are found in this region, with over 60 of them on the checklist for our tour. Just 90 minutes from Rio de Janeiro, REGUA (Reserva Ecoló gica de Guapiaç u) aims not only to protect the rainforest and its biodiversity from deforestation, hunting and the removal of forest products but also restore habitat using local resources. A mouth-watering 470 species have been recorded on the reserve, probably more than at any site in Brazil outside the Amazon region. We are indeed fortunate to be able to spend our onecentre tour at REGUA’s comfortable lodge where we will be well-looked after, with lovely home cooking, attentive staff and outstanding local guides after a great day in the field we can cool off in the swimming pool or relax with a glass of Caipirinha, a delicious Brazilian cocktail. The lodge’s garden is home to a superb variety of hummingbirds and tanagers, whilst the adjacent wetland teems with wildlife. There is an extensive network of trails accessed by foot or after a short ride in the vehicle, and we hope to see a great variety of Atlantic Forest endemic birds which may include White-necked Hawk, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Brazilian Tanager, Pin-tailed Manakin, Black-cheeked Gnateater and Frilled Coquette. In addition, an evening excursion to look for Giant Snipe will live long in the memory!

As well as exploring the trails and wetland close to our lodge we will make three or four day-trips not only to see extra species but also experience a different range of habitat and scenery. We will look for Restinga Antwren, Sooretama Slaty Antshrike and numerous waterbirds along the coast near Cabo Frio, whilst Three-toed Jacamar, Blue-winged Macaw and other dry forest specialities can be seen near Carmo. Green-crowned Plovercrest, Black-and-gold Cotinga and Hooded Berryeater are just three of the most sought-after species in the mountain forests near Nova Friburgo.

July and September are both excellent times for birdwatching at REGUA, with similar species totals expected. Being in the middle of the southern winter, July is often a little cooler, and some species such as the rare Shrike-like Cotinga and Black-legged Dacnis are easier to see. In contrast, September has the advantage of being in the southern spring and, as a result, there may be more activity and birdsong in the forests Black Jacobin will have returned to the lodge garden.

From gaudy toucans, through brightly coloured tanagers, manakins and hummingbirds, to the secretive antbirds of the forest, plus furtive crakes, roosting owls and the daily spectacle of roosting herons and egrets, there really is something for everyone on this tour!

Please note that this part of Brazil is non-malarial and there is no yellow fever. The September holiday can be extended by joining our Pantanal tour please ask for a special price.

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Outline Itinerary
Day 1 Depart London and
transfer to REGUA
Days 2-8 REGUA
Day 9 Depart Rio de Janeiro
Day 10 Arrive London