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Europe’s Last Great Wilderness

29 April to 7 May 2017

Leaders: Gabor Orban and local guides

Maximum of 10 clients.

2017 Cost: £1,999 single room supplement £160

Ornitholidays is happy to include Belarus as one of our destinations this year. Belarus is one of the prime birding and wildlife-watching destinations in Europe. This country, neighbouring Poland, is second to none in many ways. The variety of birds and mammals including several species very rarely seen in other parts of Europe is only one aspect. Imagine roads taking you through ancient forests, hundreds of meandering rivers, the biggest marshes and fens of the continent, while you hardly meet any traffic or even people. It is truly an unbeatable paradise, remaining intact and wild, so no wonder Belarus conserves healthy populations of Eurasian Lynx and Wolf. We have a good chance to encounter several mammal species including European Bison, Elk, Eurasian Beaver, European Otter, Red Deer, Wild Boar, Eastern Hedgehog, Pine Martin, Muskrat and Red Squirrel.

We use good quality hotels situated on site, or close to the best birding areas. Tasty local cuisine, and antiquated rural life and practices in small ancient villages, are part of the appeal of this trip. This country is perfectly safe, yet you can experience an era that has already been left behind in most parts of Eastern Europe.

Our tour visits three key areas: Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park adjoining its smaller counterpart, the world famous Bielowieza National Park in Poland, then Sporovo Reserve protecting more than 70% of the world’s Aquatic Warbler population, and finally Pripyatsky National Park that is a paradise for sought-after waders, offering a unique variety of primarily Eastern species such as Great Grey Owl, Great Snipe, Terek Sandpiper and Azure Tit. Journey with Gabor and see why we think you will enjoy the untouched wilderness of this part of Eastern Europe. This will be Ornitholidays’ third tour to Belarus.

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Outline Itinerary
Day 1 Fly to Minsk and transfer to
Belovezhskaya Pushcha
Days 2-3 Belovezhskaya Pushcha
Day 4 Sporovo
Days 5-8 Turov
Day 9 Depart Minsk